Living In Log House Can Be Sustainable

January 17, 2020 by No Comments

simple log house designs

Living in a log house that is situated in the heart of the urbanized concrete jungle may lead to you sticking out like a sore thumb. Because how odd. While everyone else is settled in bricks, mortar and steel, here is one man who looks like he could have been Davey Crockett moving into town. Even he needs a place to stay, as restless and wandering and adventurous his soul may be. Time being of the essence, simple log house designs are being made use of, quite sustainably so.

Ideally they will be constructed by a hardy carpenter with special skills in this area. But there are those designs that the consummate DIY exponent could get his hands on. The likelihood of living in a log house in the middle of the city are, of course, slim. The likelihood of building a log house in the middle of the woods are, of course, great. For many wishing to get away from the rat race that is city life, this would be a dream come true.

But not everyone can afford to move out into the country. Not just yet anyway. Practical solutions still need to be found to make this dream a reality. For instance, just how are you going to manage to ship all your required materials to your new plot, particularly if it is hundreds of miles out of town. The chaps that put together the simple log house designs might have a clue or two. Well worth a try then.

It is, however, slowly but surely becoming a reality. Living in a log house could turn out to be quite sustainable. You are placed in that position where you have no alternative but to be environmentally friendly.