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What is Totepool Betting in Horse Race?

Totepool is a unique betting type. You can only find this betting type at select betting platforms, such as M88, which offer horse racing. It is different because the odds are not fixed. Instead, it depends completely on how much money bettors wage as well as the number of bettors of the winning horse. In some places, you… Read More »

Various Basketball Betting Types

With the famous NBA season on match, many bettors around the world, including those who love to read about Premier League predictions, are looking for a chance to make money out of this famous sports event. That’s our goal. However, before we can eventually reach that goal, there are some basic things about Scorejitu basketball betting we must… Read More »

Unit in Sports Betting

Sports betting is still the most popular and (probably) lucrative betting event we have today. You can find it everywhere. 12bet. M88. Dafabet and many more. Despite the simple rules it applies, some players still get their head stuck on either the rules or the terms used in this betting. One of them is unit. Understanding unit In… Read More »

Pre-Season Soccer Betting

Many soccer bettors, including those playing at Bet88 sport avoid pre-season betting. Their reason is simple. There is too much risk with only a few of reliable information. Combine that with the common unexpected results. That what makes this kind of betting less preferable than others. However, if you found the key behind this game, you can actually… Read More »

Point Spread at Soccer Betting

Depending on where you place your bet, there are different ways to do a soccer betting. W88, for example, provides multiple betting types for you to choose. One of them is point spread. Here is how you can win any soccer betting with this type. Point Spread The first, most important thing you should remember when it comes… Read More »

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse racing might be one of the rarest, less frequently told betting event, even among famous betting platforms, such as W88. However, despite this fact, horse racing surely offers everything you can expect from a lucrative and amazing betting event. Know the rules and you can easily understand how the system works. Know the tricks and you can… Read More »

Why Most Sports Bettors Lose

The sports betting are getting more and more players nowadays. That is because the system of the sports betting is considerably simpler than the casino games that many people love to play in the old times. As an addition to that, almost all of the people love to watch the sports game so that they tend to have… Read More »

Understanding Live Betting

Before talking about live betting, it will be better if you know about two kinds of sports betting. There are two kinds of sports betting. They are live betting and traditional betting. The famous one is the live betting. Live betting is a sports betting in live condition. You can enjoy the live sports betting from your television… Read More »

Baseball Parlay Strategies

Make your way into sport betting, you will discover various betting systems to choose. However, you have to know that not all of betting systems are suitable for each sport betting, so be careful. Equip yourself with necessary information of how each betting strategy works, it will help you in many ways to decide which betting strategy that… Read More »