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What is Totepool Betting in Horse Race?

Totepool is a unique betting type. You can only find this betting type at select betting platforms, such as M88, which offer horse racing. It is different because the odds are not fixed. Instead, it depends completely on how much money bettors wage as well as the number of bettors of the winning horse. In some places, you… Read More »

Simple Ways to Win Horse Racing

Horse racing is not just a game where you can depend merely on your luck. It doesn’t matter where you go, including 12bet, you will always need more than just luck. You need strategies, skills, and lots of experiences to win the game. These are the 3 keys, which I am going to teach you through this article.… Read More »

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse racing might be one of the rarest, less frequently told betting event, even among famous betting platforms, such as W88. However, despite this fact, horse racing surely offers everything you can expect from a lucrative and amazing betting event. Know the rules and you can easily understand how the system works. Know the tricks and you can… Read More »